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In the article, Daniel Weintraub argues that parents are to blame for kids being obese, not food companies. “Parents, not state government, are in the best position to fight the epidemic of overweight children in our schools.” I agree with this claim because he gives good evidence and facts. The article is well written and includes good supporting details which helps the author prove his point. Even though it may have some weak points and some things aren’t explained, it’s very convincing and credible. So, in this essay, I will explain the strong and weak points of the article, and how adults will react to his claim. Weintraub gives a lot of good examples and evidence. He puts data and research, like in paragraph seven. It states, “Statewide, the center said, 26 percent of schoolchildren are overweight.” Usually, a number frightens people, …show more content…

When parents read this, they might have mixed feelings about it. Adults might be offended or angry at this article because it criticizes the way they taught their children. Since America is where we have the freedom to have our own decisions and not take orders from others, adults feel violated when someone tells them what or how to do something. Anything the government says that somewhat is telling american citizens to do is considered taking away their rights, which is what almost every adults’ claim. In all, adults will just scoff and not believe what the author is trying to say. Another reaction from adults, though, is they might listen to what the articles says, realize it’s true and take action. This problem is very concerning for adults and children alike, so they will do anything to solve it. Whether it’s looking up ways to cook healthier meals and snacks, or cutting back on fast food will help control obesity and may even solve it. In general, this will get more adults to realize how much of a big problem this is, and how it can get out of hand if we don’t try to work out a solution to

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