Rhetorical Analysis Of Are You Responsible For Your Own Weight By Radley Balko

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In his article Are You Responsible For Your Own Weight?, policy analyst Radley Balko argues that the Government has no business interfering with what individuals eat. Kelly Brownell, a Yale Chairman, and Marion Nestle a New York University professor state otherwise by arguing that the Government should intervene to create conditions that lead to healthy eating. Balko has a strong argument led with in depth examples, logical support, and credentials to support his tone along with minor fallacies. Kelly Brownell and Marion Nestle fail to go more in depth about her argument, but rely heavily on trying to counter the claims given by the opposing side. The lack of rhetorical devices in her article and inadequate organization weakens her tone as well as the appeal to their audience. …show more content…

In the beginning of Balko’s article, he uses examples of past experiences to support his argument.These past experiences stated are used as a counter argument for Balko and also appeal logically to his audience. In the article Balko states, “President Bush earmarked 125 million in his budget for the encouragement of healthy lifestyles”(Balko). He immediately shuts down these factual statements in his thesis and provides evidence on why these “solutions” did not help.Using logic and countering previous experiences to develop his argument proves to be very effective and helps persuade his audience. He also appeals to the audience's emotion with this statement, “Worse, socialized health care makes us troublingly tolerant of government trespasses on our personal freedom”(Balko). This pulls at the audience's heart that with the Government intervening it will take away personal freedom.Throughout his argument there are faults in his writing that

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