Rhetorical Analysis Of Dont Blame The Eater

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Ashiqullah Pardisi
Instructor Porter
ENG 111.124B 8 April 2015

Rhetorical Analysis: Don’t Blame the Eater
David Zinczenko’s “Don’t Blame the Eater” and Dr.Mercola’s advertisement “Childhood Obesity is Everyone's Problem” (see fig.1) both argue that obesity is a very big problem which threatens everyone especially children. Fast food and junk food are the main causes of obesity. In David Zinczenko’s essay he talks about how easy it is for teenagers to get obese by eating fast food every day, and he talks about how he became obese when he was young. Dr. Mercola “Childhood Obesity is Everyone's Problem” argues through a picture and title to tell people that obesity is epidemic, and it is not only one person’s problem.

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He explians how easy it is for everyone especially children to gain weight and become obese. He talks about his own experience when he was young; he had to eat fast food every day because that was the only food he could get and he became obese. Zinczenko also like the act of the group of children who are suing McDonald’s for making them fat. He argues fast food is not healthy and some people may not know that, and they cannot find out easily because fast food nutritional information is hard to understand or sometimes it is not even available. The author argues that even some of their healthier menus items have too many calories which make them unhealthy such as salads can include a large number of calories, and eating too many calories leads to obesity. He claims that it is very easy to find fast food restaurants everywhere, but healthy food is not accessible everywhere. The author emphasis that obesity is a very serious problem and it increase sickness like diabetes in the society and government spends huge amount of many on diabetes every …show more content…

Fast food industry is doing it business and they don’t make people to eat fast or junk food every day. For most people it is personal choice; they decide to eat fast food every day because they like fast food, they are too lazy to cook, or they think they don’t have time to cook. Choosing to eat fast food everyday is just like drinking alcohol. There are bars and liquor stores everywhere. People can get beer and vine almost in any gas station and in any restaurant. Can we make them responsible for making people alcoholic? The author should blame parents for letting their children to become obese. Most of parents provide food for their children and it is parents’ responsibility to make their children to eat healthy. I know it is not easy, but parents should use different techniques to not let their children eat unhealthy. Eating unhealthy is a habit and choice people make and it can be changed. Not only eating unhealthy but over eating healthy food will make people obese as well. I’m not saying that fast food industry doesn’t have any role in making people fat, but they are not the only cause of obesity.
I’m not agree with the author of “Childhood Obesity is Everyone's Problem” as well because he only shows junk food in the picture with a obese girl. The picture says that only junk food makes people obese, but it is not

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