Analysis Of Escape From The Western Diet

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Nowadays in America, we are encountering problems with our food system. The way it’s being processed is affecting everyone. From youngest to oldest, farmers to lawyers and smallest to biggest animal. Consumers are made to believe that they are buying and eating healthy foods , but the labels that led them to believe that are not completely honest. The essay “Escape from the Western Diet” written by Michael Pollan is an explanation of the theories of the western diet. Then, David Zinczenko’s essay “Don’t Blame the Eater” focuses on showing the truth behind labels. Both Pollan and Zinczenko, are writers of essays about food and eating. They support the idea that people need to inform themselves regarding what they consume. If people were to inform …show more content…

The labels we see in our foods at grocery stores are not honest. The big companies put information that will make customers buy their product. In the essay “Don’t Blame the Eater”, written by David Zinczenko focuses on how bad customers are being informed about the food they consume. Zinczenko states “They would do well to protect themselves, and their customers, by providing the nutrition information people need to make informed choices about their products. Without such warnings we’ll see more sick, obese children and more angry, litigious parents,” (464). In other words, Zinczenko shows the problems and effects the lack of information can cause. I agree with the writer because since they are not providing enough details about their food, people are getting sick and are dying. Our obesity rate has gone up in recent years because the nutrition facts in our foods are not adding up correctly. The companies are separately showing the calories of small serving sizes, and when it’s all added up you realize you are eating more than the government’s recommended daily intake. Not only that, there is also unnecessary debate going on about our food labels. If the companies were honest with us customers, this wouldn’t be an issue. Thus, if labels were honest we would not have personal and health

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