Analysis Of The Pleasures Of Eating Essay

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Edibility Construct Have humans ever thought about where their food comes from? Nowadays, no one really questions how food ends up on our plates, let alone if it’s healthy. Health is, without a doubt, the most important factor in one’s life. These four articles about food systematics will help demonstrate how the following ideas would benefit our societies food supply and health. Wendell Berry’s article on “The Pleasures of Eating” accurately describes the issues on consumers of food industries and the politics. “[The food industry]-as in any other industry-the overriding concerns are not quality and health, but volume and price” (Berry, ¶ 11). The words, as in any other industry, show a clear representation about how company heads treat consumable produce …show more content…

“The problem in corn’s case is that we’re sacrificing the health of both our bodies and the environment by growing and eating so much of it” (Pollan, ¶ 9). The author wants the reader to understand what corn is doing to society. We can prevent this by producing less corn in our country, or even banning overproduction of potentially unhealthy crops. “The 1980’s mark the beginning of the epidemic of obesity and Type 2 diabetes in this country” (Pollan, ¶ 9). This reveals the factual approach how corn based syrup affected our countries health. One can see from this as a direct attack on our health. Again, we can prevent this by producing less of corn. “80 million acres of corn is doing [this] to the health of our environment: serious and lasting damage” (Pollan, ¶ 11). The author includes this in the story to show the long term affects of having so much freaking corn. Even the amount of corn we have is dangerous to the point of which Earth is taking damage. Once again, we need to produce much less of one single crop by assigning crop growers types and quantities of crops to

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