Sociological Imagination In Food Essay

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The sociological imagination on food In this assignment I am going to talk about the sociological imagination on food and the aspects it brings with it. Before starting that large process I firstly will explain what the social imagination is and what the key points of the imagination are in able to fully understand the topic; food and its history, biography, and the relation it has in society. This is my first assignment for the module understanding contemporary society so please bear with me as I will do my best to explain it in a logic manner so everybody can understand it. So let’s start by looking at the term ‘sociological imagination’ and what it actually means. ‘The sociological imagination enables us to grasp history and biography …show more content…

To be able to think out of the box, to think yourself away from the familiar and get familiar with the unfamiliar and look at it from a new perspective. But where comes history in and takes place? Well every action is based on reaction, which means the action you perform is influenced by a previous (history) action which leaves you to react on it. If we use the sociological imagination we analyse a certain object, situation or circumstance and look back at the history of it and ask ourselves how that object or situation did evolve that is to be find and to be used in the contemporary world. I will be using the sociological imagination on food because, I think it is an interesting and important topic and there is allot to talk about. Food is everywhere in the western world, if you turn on the TV you will surely see an advertisement of Mac Donald’s that they have come up with a new burger, or someone showing off a delicious recipe, and it is not only the TV. if you read the newspaper or a magazine you surely will read a chef telling you how to cook, if you walk down the main road you will see a pizzeria, chicken cottage, zam’s or other takeaways and if you don’t see it you will smell it. But the worst part of being reminded of food is when we become

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