Feast For Our Eyes By Laura A. Lindenfeld: Film Analysis

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The culture of food has changed and progressed throughout this time. In the book, Feast for our eyes: Viewing films on food through new lenses; by Laura A. Lindenfeld, we see how in recent times food is growing not only in daily culture but also in entertainment. Television, Internet, and Books have advertised food in so many ways. Media has portrayed food as a desirable and a pleasant façade. Laura says, “Films gloss over the traces of food production” to appeal more to the audience. People from different places in the world, culture, and lifestyles express themselves through the art of food. We see how food can also be a lustful thing when combined with other elements. Films use this method to attract a broader audience in the entertainment industry. Not only do they express it through provocative acting, but also through the …show more content…

The subject of food films that display “Otherness” to reach out to a bigger public. In recent times “numerous food films focus on ethnic families” to not only show the people a lifestyle, but also to bring communities together. In films such as Soul Food, Tortilla Soup, and What’s Cooking displays different types of culture, but can bring people to come to relate to them. She expresses herself by saying that our culture has a “hearty enthusiasm for ‘foreign food’ that is supposed to hide the taste of racism”. Laura’s thought on how food films with that kind of display bring people of different cultures together is true because I have seen it with my life. It has brought closer together our culture and has given us a bit more of an open mind to it. I agree that exploiting “Otherness” in films is great because it makes people feel comfortable in different environments. It helps other feel safe and have something in common. “Otherness” in food films truly help us as a community unite as a whole and have great things in

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