Book Of Eli Film Analysis

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DBA Student : Romeo B. Leneses Jr.
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The Book of Eli
Superbly written and astonishing storytelling!
At first, I thought the Book of Eli is just another ferocious film featuring what life would have been after the judgement day. But beyond the blood-sputtered scenes and vulgar language, viewers will appreciate the simplicity of the story and the complexity and profoundness of its nature and form. The film features a compelling story based on the Christian bible which for me exceeded majority of some motion pictures released in the past years.
Denzel Washington, an Oscar winner and a self -professed Christian, was able to portray his character with so much sincerity and profoundness of depth and emotion. In a world of chaos where violence and desire for survival prevails, Eli was given an important mission by God and that is to bring order out of lawlessness and to save and protect the only hope humanity has– a Bible.
The film’s setting was on point as it portrays a devastated and distressed earth where only few managed to survive and if given the chance would have chosen to vanish instead just to break free from the chaotic situation. The choice of scenes and places where climatic points were revealed justified the emotional prowess and acuity of the main characters. One of the simplest scenes in the beginning which affected me so much

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