Rhetorical Analysis Of Don T Blame The Eater

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The life pursued by the average young person in America is fast paced and scheduled to the point of breaking. As time has progressed this time stretched life style has impacted the need for food that isn’t cooked at home or even at restaurants that cook with traditional methods. This coupled with the swelling number of households with either a single parent or two working parents has increased the reliance on the fast food industry and in turn increased the overweight and obesity rates in the country. In his article “Don’t Blame the Eater,” David Zinczenko addresses this topic and places the blame not on those partaking in these delectable dinners, but in the hands of the fast food industry and their lack of understandable labeling. Zinczenko’s argument is valid and strong due to his equal use of ethos, logos and pathos. …show more content…

He also appeared on the Dr. Oz show as a special guest specializing in proper dieting. Zinczenko shows the reader that he was not always able to afford the finer restaurants and time to eat there, but was indeed “a typical mid-1980s latchkey kid” (892). This ability to relate to the target audience and those he is defending brings him down to a peer level with his audience rather than an expert simply doing research. This connection to his readers makes the article more believable and builds a strong foundation on which the remainder of his argument

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