Don T Blame The Eater Analysis

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Don’t Blame the Eater: Rebuttal In his article "Don 't Blame the Eater", David Zinczenko discusses that obesity is a grave health issue I the United States of America. He argues that almost all of the kids who eats at fast food joints are more likely to become obese. He then goes on to inform his readers that during his teenage years, he, like many other American kids, was surviving on fast-food due to it accessibility and affordability. He, however, was able to find a way to turn his life around by making healthy choices when he started college and joined the Navy Reserves. Zinczenko mentions in his article, that consumers did not have access to "calorie information" and even if they had such information, it is always hard to understand. For example, he says that if your read the fine prints on the back of the dressing packet, you will realize that it actually contains 2.5 servings rather than one serving, which means that as a consumer, you are actually consuming 620 calories and not the stated 280 calories per dressing. In addition, he made mention of several statistics of childhood obesity which have led to the increase in diabetes due to the increased number of fast food restaurants. Although Zinczenko makes a compelling argument about the "eater is not to blame", his lack of evidence to support his assumptions weakens his overall point. I do agree in part with Zinczenko argument that the eater is not to blame. However, the article is not current enough to substantiate

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