Analysis Of What You Eat Is Your Business By Radley Balko

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Put Down That Cheeseburger! “What incentive is there for me to put down the cheeseburger?” asks Radley Balko in his article "What You Eat Is Your Business." He argues that, obesity does not belong in the public health crisis. He claims that obesity is not a problem that should be dealt at the cost of public money but should be dealt at a personal level by every individual. He also states that the government should allow the citizens to access their health care funds account to support his conclusion, that, people will be more responsible for their health if someone else isn 't paying for their health problems. However, Balko fails to to provide evidence for to support his claim. Even though the problem of obesity is important, the Shorthorn should not publish "What You Eat Is Your Business" because it poorly argued and not interesting. Radley Balko’s central claim is that the government should not interfere in public health and diet. According to him people have no incentive to maintain their health when public money funds health care. He claims that the government should stop interfering in the health care in order to give the people a motivation to maintain their own health. Balko feels that when people will have to pay for their own health, they will have an incentive and will be more responsible for their personal health and well being. Balko has provide various reasons for his central claim that are potent, but he fails to provide enough evidence to buttress his

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