Research Paper On Sociological Imagination

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Sociological Imagination Our days are filled with jobs, schools, family, friends, and artfully dealing with living in a society that tricks people into believing that their lives have no profound impact upon society. The reality is that the lives of an individual, and the society they inhabit, have an intrinsic connection. “The history that now affects every individual is world history” (1). In The Sociological Imagination by C. Wright Mills, an investigation into the unique classification of sociological imagination and its various useful applications brings a society and people to attention about the nexus between a personal trouble and a public issue. C. Wright Mills defines sociological imagination as “a quality of mind that will help them to use information and to …show more content…

Sociological imagination bridges the gap between a person’s life and the larger historical context it takes place in, it creates a understating of the type of life a person in that world can lead. Understanding history and the sociological circumstance of those times can equate to the status and daily experiences individuals must endure. Also, having a sociological imagination can bestow a person with the ability to understand their unique experiences and predict the possibility that is available to them in the future. This is the beauty and curse of sociological imagination, having the ability to grasp a social position means recognizing the limitations in place. The sociological imagination gifts people with the ability to ask questions that matter and think the kind of thoughts, which can shift a society towards

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