Sociological Imagination In Sociology

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The Sociological Imagination Defined
The sociological Imagination is a form of analytic thinking, a concept that enables one to take into context the set societal patterns that affect and impact both an individual and the wider society. These patterns are characterised as personal troubles and/or societal issues. Sociologist C. Wright Mills was one of the initial social scientists to have written on this concept, in one of his books titled The Sociological Imagination (1959). According to Mills (1959), the task of sociology was to understand the relationship between individuals and the society in which they lived. The following essay seeks to discuss the concept of sociological imagination, its relevance to the underlying topic of discussion; the middle school and teenage bullying quandary in the United States, with the conclusion summing up the value of the sociological imagination as well as its link and relevance to the topic being discussed.

Bullying Defined

Briefly defined, bullying is any behaviour that is intended to make someone feel small and insignificant. A friend of mine moved to America for two years for her grade 9 and 10 as part of a school exchange programme. The overall experience of the States was thrilling as she described it. We emailed each other regularly and she explained everything. Everyone in her new neighbourhood was very friendly. The experience at school, however, was a different story. She had a difficult time fitting in and

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