Negative Effects Of Sociological Imagination

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Sociological imagination is a fear based on historical events including current events. A person can imagine themselves finishing college with a high income; based what they heard or seen from others experience. Sociological imagination can affect us or and individual. I believe certain things we watch, such as the News can have a negative impact on our imagination. If we heard about an Flu Outbreak on the News, we would panic and imagine ourselves with the Flu. Growing up I learned how to distinguish between negative and positive people. Political colonies are freed new and less visible forms of imperialism installed (The Promise 21). While attending School I learned that it was best to stay quiet and surround myself around positive people. It seemed like the negative people were very talkative and the positive people were very quiet. Staying quiet kept me out of arguments, and the drama. My parents taught me to treat others the way you would like to be treated. Issues have to do with matters that transcend these local; environments of the individual and range of his inner life (Mills 24). I learned not to say anything that would be offensive to anyone. Junior high schools give you more of a reality experience. I watched many people go to Juvenile, and even alternative school. I always knew if I got in trouble My parents would put me on a punishment. My sociological imagination was I knew staying in trouble would lesson my chances of having a career. All the negative

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