How Did C Wright Mills Contribute To Sociology

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C. Wright Mills C. Wright Mills played a very large role on society in the past, as well as now. He critiqued sociology, causing people to see it in a different way. Multiple things played a role in his reasoning for doing this and why it actually worked. His upbringing was one of the largest things that caused him to see sociology in this way and actually speak up about it. His many books and ideas, then impacted sociology by showing this new perspective that he had created. This opened people up to new ideas, therefore affecting society as a whole. Mills’s upbringing changed the way he saw and understood different types of people. This is because he lived in two very different places, allowing him to see two totally different ways of living. He was born into a poor family in Texas. His Grandfather was a rancher, so his family focused …show more content…

Living in two very different areas allowed Mills to understand different types of people more thoroughly. He then spoke out and wrote books about this so that others could understand too. Having only lived in one place my entire life, I haven’t experienced or been around many different types of societies. I can use his work to have a more broad world view and understand why others may have different beliefs or practices. Another thing that his work can help me understand is the way that the sociological imagination works. As a kid, I never thought about the big picture. I didn 't think that society influenced a lot of the things that I did or believed. After reading about the idea of the sociological imagination however, I was able to see the impact that society has had on me. I can now understand the way that some of my actions and beliefs have been affected by the world that I live in. An example of this is language. Society has taught me what different words and symbols mean, affecting the way that I communicate on a daily

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