Sociological Imagination In The Truman Show

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Sociological imagination can be defined as one’s awareness of the impact that society has on their personal life because of the outside conditions and circumstances. The outside world create standards for people, even if they do not know that they are being looked at in this way. Therefore, society influences a person’s behavior and limits their free will. This theory is clearly demonstrated in The Truman Show. The movie helps to deepen my understanding of sociological imagination and helps me to see how the outside world controls my life. Throughout the movie, Truman begins to realize that the whole world revolves around him and how the producers of the show have created his reality, thus developing his sociological imagination. To start, …show more content…

Early in my life, religion shaped some of my beliefs, limited my free will because of its principles, and shifted my perception of reality because it added a new perspective of the world to my life that I was forced to believe. I also know that I do not have to sit in the same seat in my classes everyday because everybody else and I do not want to cause a disruption by changing my seat. However, there are many things that in my life that I have yet to link to the larger world. I am still subjected to these social forces and my sociological imagination is still being …show more content…

This allows the person to know the truth about reality and how they are affected by forces in society. Truman Burbank in The Truman Show, develops his sociological imagination throughout the movie, because of this, his life is completely flipped upside down. In my life, there are forces that I do and do not know of, but either way they still affect my behavior and the decisions I make, helping to form my sociological imagination. Everyone should be aware of how their life connects to society because it can tell of how unaware they are of society’s actions. It can completely change the way they think and how they see the

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