C. W. Mills Sociological Imagination

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Society is shaped by a number of different forces and factors. Inevitably, these forces come together to construct the life of the individual. In this essay, C.W. Mills’ sociological imagination will be discussed. A personal problem,homosexuality, and a social issue, homosexuality, will be highlighted. In concluding the essay, a reflection on the usefulness of the sociological imagination will be offered.
Meaning of the Sociological Imagination:
2.1) Definition of ‘sociological imagination’:
The sociological imagination is defined as “the ability to think yourself away from the familiar routines of everyday life and look at them from an entirely new perspective, as well as the vivid awareness of the relationship between experience and the …show more content…

3.2) A social/public issue affecting youth in South Africa, or in any part of the world:
Moral, religious and legal attitudes are definite interferences with sexual behavior as well as an ostensible insight of the medical and psychological aspects of homosexuality. This phenomenon is possibly much less destructive of social aspects of our society and culture than is commonly believed, since it is actually more prevalent than is generally acknowledged. Homosexuality is most likely a result of hormonal and undoubtedly social and psychological factors.
In most countries worldwide, gay marriage is illegal, forcing homosexuals to remain hidden out of a sense of shame and fear. Many religions, including Judaism and Islam, forbid homosexual acts and behaviour. This is worrying for society as one may not be accepted by one’s own religion, as well as being rejected by society. Furthermore, homosexuality is constantly slated over social media, providing a negative aura surrounding the subject. All these factors influence the fear and shame of an individual.
On the other hand, there are several countries that are becoming more open to homosexuality and legalising gay marriage. These are reinforced by Gay Pride parades and LGBT societies being

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