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  • Secondary Education In India

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    Independence the educational system of the country was critically examined by the University Education Commission, set up in 1948, under the chairmanship of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan. The Commission revealed that secondary education is the weakest link in the chain of the educational system of the country. Subsequently, the Secondary Education Commission (1953) was set to examine the weaknesses of secondary education system. The Commission found that “the curriculum is bookish, and examination- centred with

  • Secondary School Education

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    social and political characteristics of a society have direct effects on the nature of formal education provided for students. a) Select either one political or one social or one philosophical characteristic and explain FOUR specific ways in which it influences the way in which the school system works. b) Describe and assess two functions of parents/guardians in supporting the educational purpose of the secondary school. 1. What is a society? A society can be referred to a group of people living in

  • The Pros And Cons Of Secondary Education

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    In today’s world, secondary education has become a staple in first world countries. A college degree opens a whole new realm of opportunity for the person who possesses it. Nearly every desirable, well-paying job in the world requires some form of post high school education. College has become the go to form of secondary education for students to propel themselves into the professional world. With college comes freedom and with freedom comes a lot of opportunity to make a mistake. It’s no secret

  • Mathematics In Secondary Education

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    Mathematics is an important subject in secondary school education because it is associated with more academic and carrier opportunities (Akinsola &Tella, 2003). Ironically, this subject is the basis for scientific, industrial and technological advancement of any country. But it is very sad to note that the performance by the secondary school students are not up to the mark and students general impression is that it is a dreadful subject. Thus, mathematics learning and student’s performance in mathematics

  • Post Secondary Education In College

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    a list of job applications where you can work. Given the pace of technological and social change, it no longer makes sense to devote four years of higher education entirely to specific skills (Roth). People who have real experience are more likely to get hired rather than people who come out of college looking for a job. Post secondary education should help students to discover what they love to do, to get better at it, and to develop the ability to continue learning so that they become agents of

  • The Reflection Of Education In Primary And Secondary Education

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    When I picture my primary and secondary education the only words that can describe the two experiences are culture shock. My primary and secondary education were two very different experiences. One filled with confidence, security, and an unwavering sense of pride in my identity, and the other with insecurity, discrimination, and apprehension. As I transitioned from a predominantly African American Christian private school to a predominantly white public school I realized that the diversity of the

  • Essay On Secondary School Education

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    the schools so that secondary schools for example can meet their educational objectives. The goal of secondary school education is twofold: To produce candidates with: i. Strong academic foundation in the basic skills of reading, writing, communication and mathematics for higher education and the labour market and ii. Other requisite skills for responsible living as citizens of Nigeria. The observed situation is that most of the students that graduate from the public secondary schools do not possess

  • Secondary Education In Tanzania Essay

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    Contents MAJOR POLICY CHALLENGES IN SECONDARY EDUCATION IN TANZANIA 2 SECTION I: Introduction 2 SECTION II: Education System in Tanzania 2 2.1 Primary Education 2 2.2 Middle Education 2 2.3 Secondary Education 2 2.4 Vocational Education 3 2.5 Tertiary Education 3 SECTION III: Background 3 3.1 Primary school enrolment 3 3.2 Secondary school enrolment 5 SECTION IV: POLICY CHALLENGES IN SECONDARY SCHOOL 6 5.1 Language of instruction 6 5.2 Measuring success 6 5.3 Inadequate Teacher Training 7 5.3 Lack

  • Secondary Education In Latin America

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    Secondary Education in Latin America According to UNESCO Secondary Education Reform: Towards a Convergence of Knowledge Acquisition and Skills Development in 2005, secondary education is the “stage in the education continuum, following the primary level, accountable for the progress of the young during their adolescence”. During this level, values and attitudes formed during the primary level were firmly enriched together with the attainment of more knowledge and skills. In Latin America, secondary

  • The Importance Of Secondary Education In Cambodia

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    In private schools, secondary education in Cambodia might be slightly be better. The parents pay for the education, so the schools are provided with enough money to hire competent teachers and obtain educational materials. However, only a small portion of children are able to attend. The difference is that the facilities are better. I, myself, have attended a private school, and everything isn’t the same compared to public school. Moreover, agreeing with me Manee, a 42-year-old said that the difference

  • Teacher's Role In Secondary Education

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    gets education and knowledge from his elders, school and society. At late childhood, he wants to become independent and shares responsibilities. His ego starts developing. At adolescent stage, he wants to take his own decisions and obey them. Thus, the role of teachers and parents become more important at this stage. As the students remain in the school for a significant period of time daily, the role of teachers is thus more important to give right direction to their decisions. Secondary education

  • Disadvantages In Secondary Education In Jamaica

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    subscribed traditional high schools, leaving low-performing students to fill the available spaces in upgraded secondary schools. There should be no issue with the dispersion of these high performers across all the high schools in Jamaica, if parents can be assured that their children would receive the same quality of education and a chance to holistic growth and development from secondary institutions. Many might retaliate against this statement but the truth of the matter is that many of our high

  • Advantages Of Secondary Education In Jamaica

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    subscribed traditional high schools, leaving low-performing students to fill the available spaces in upgraded secondary schools. There should be no issue with the dispersion of these high performers across all the high schools in Jamaica, if parents can be guaranteed that their children would get the same eminence of education and a chance to all-inclusive growth and development from secondary institutions. Many may object to this statement but the reality is that many of our high schools lacking in

  • The Importance Of Senior Secondary Education In China

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    Apart from general senior secondary education all other four educational school are being referred to as secondary vocational schools. Students undertake a public examination that is called Zhongkao before entering senior secondary schools, and their admission to secondary education depends on their score in zhongkao examination. The government uses examination results from Zhongkao to allocate students to various senior secondary schools depending on their score. According to researches China has

  • Post Secondary Education Advantages And Disadvantages

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    "The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth" (John F. Kennedy). Each year, millions of high school students must make a choice that may change their lives forever. The decision on what to do after high school leaves many puzzled but is not without research. While the decision will always be a personal one, options for all students do exist. Post-Secondary education has evolved greatly over time. In the past, education after high school was rare and limited

  • Essay On Parental Involvement In Secondary Education

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    Secondary Education is an important stage in the school education ladder as it equips students for higher education and the labour market. Besides helping students to choose different carrier avenues, secondary education has a far reaching effect in developing a clear understanding on the socio-economic and political issues. Further it helps in empowerment of the marginalized communities and strengthening of the democratic values (World Bank, 2005). However, In India, for the past several years the

  • Argumentative Essay On Post Secondary Education

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    been whether a college education is worth the oppressive debt that colleges thrust upon their students. From this perspective, obtaining a preeminent education is not valued above the threat of student loans that constantly loom over the possessor. On the other hand, however, others argue that a college education constructs the building blocks for undergraduates to pursue more than just a job or career. In the words of one of this view’s main proponents, “Post secondary education should help students

  • Communication Skills In Secondary Education

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    1. INTRODUCTION Secondary Education takes place after primary education, when the budding minds are brought on the track of learning and before higher education or vocational training, when one needs to set target for lifetime. So, this is the high time for a new and everlasting skill to be introduced to the students. They are fond of learning new concepts and try to use them at their level best. It is not that a professional understanding of any skill can take place at this stage but the basics

  • Importance Of Post-Secondary Education

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    My post-secondary education is very important to me because it will shape who I become in the next 10 years. My family is not the most financially stable and I unfortunately have to try and find a way to pay for college myself. This scholarship would help take away some of the burden of finding a way to pay for it all. I believe that I possess good time management and study habits. I currently have 2 jobs and extracurricular activities that I do outside of school, and I always find time to study

  • Vygotsky's Self-Efficacy Analysis

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    One of the theories I found the most interesting throughout the duration of this class is Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory. This theory emphasizes role in development of cooperative dialogues between children and more knowledgeable members of society. (pg 55). According to Vygotsky, until children learn to use mental tools, their learning is largely controlled by the environment; they attend only to the things that are brightest or loudest, and they can remember something only if has been repeated