Post-Secondary Education

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Higher Education on the Horizon A post-secondary education is stereotype as a key for success. This coin phrased has been in existence since the early years. Our parents instilled in us to earn good grades to be accepted in a two or four year college or university, business school, or vocational school. Audience we are about to embark on a journey through the world of education from preschool through high school graduation to see the effectiveness of post-secondary education. This essay is effective in its persuasive argument because education beyond high school is a key part of our success story in life.
“American society is not divided on the subject that college is the best option.” There are plenty of advertisements on billboards and in television commercials portraying attractive, smiling, confident, intelligent-looking students. The high points of attending college or university are strong academics, excellent career opportunities, affordable tuition and school recognition. The low points of attending college or university are the large class structure, abundance of students in classroom, less one on one with instructor, fast pace environment, and not college equipped; meaning less knowledge of material to attend college. There are some success stories but on the flip side some graduates are unable to find good jobs or no job, accumulated large …show more content…

The university body is predominantly black. See in many countries it was illegal for black people to get an education because they were slaves. If caught reading or writing you were beaten an inch to their death. Anyone black or white who tried to teach them could be fine or thrown in jail, until the Emancipation Proclamation was signed. Bowie State University was an empowerment in educating, inspiring, and challenging university for African American to graduate with a

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