Should Everyone Go To College Analysis

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For the century, people have considered that education is most profitable speculations in culture and more benefits to gain. The early history of United State many people did not attend college. In the old day, college was not necessary to attend for everyone and get a degree have a stable career. However, because of technological advance, economic growth and ever-growing competition in the job market it becomes compulsory to attend college after high school. After technology advance and economy growth, it required a college degree to become middle class in United State. “Should Everyone Go to College?” article wrote two authors, Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill. They gave many examples of why people should return to college and invest in education. Authors gave statistical data how college investment is better for everyone. They also gave more data on which occupation …show more content…

Authors should also include more about that college degree do not give job. It only helps you find a job that person would not do and it is not sure that when a person has a college degree then the person will have the job. In the article, authors should include that when a person to get the job he needs a college degree to make his profile better. Authors should more include about financial aid information and describe to the students and parents. In the article authors include everything why should students invest in college but authors did not present any data or description on how much college cost to finish in four years or in six years. In all article, authors gave credible sources and they use logical statistic data to prove why everyone should invest in college. By all these authors show that students have to go through their hardest part of their life when they go to college. In the article author only focusing on what are the benefits of college

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