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Position statement: For college Should I or should I not, that is the decision we all encounter when we finally reach high school. Now, there are many factors that will affect a person’s life. The most important of these factors is whether or not one has a college degree. Through out this essay I will discuss why I believe that it would be advantageous for students to continue their education in college. I believe this because the unemployment rate (proven by FRED) among high school graduates is incredibly much higher than people that have graduated from college. Now, also I would like to add that college graduates have a higher and better reputation when applying for a job and also helps very well in family relationships as far as being able to afford a home, pay for food,family, etc. …show more content…

However, having a college education will give you a much higher chance for you to have that job you have always wanted,(the car,etc.). Therefore, what I am saying is that college is a great tool to become successful and it is better with it than without it. Although opponents believe that college is not needed because of the amount of money that is involved to pay for college. This idea is not valid because in the future,(if attending college) the amount of money you spend for college will be similar to a investment that can change you life. Sure, when you leave college and you have not as much money when you started, although you will be able to get into high pay jobs and have a much higher income than high school graduates and/or drop-outs. To sum up, going college is absolutely worth the time and money because again, it helps tremendously on the type of job you will get, your family, your entire life!, and I know for sure that I myself will attend college and reach my dream. Remember, you only get this opportunity once in you life, so make it

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