Synthesis Essay About Going To College

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Many kids in this generation have grown up being told to get good grades in order to get a scholarship, which in turn allows them to go to college. Is college worth it? From my research I have concluded that college is in fact worth it. Although many college graduates end up having debt, key aspects such as wider range of opportunities, connections and higher pay add up to an overall conclusion supporting that college is in fact worth the cost. A major benefit of going to college is the amount of opportunity that arises from having a degree. This will allow you to have a higher amount of job availability than those who did not complete college. An example will be if a company is looking for someone with a degree, then that will give you the …show more content…

While attending college you get an opportunity to learn and hear lectures from professionals in your field of study, giving you better insight into your career path. These professionals have the power to give you good recommendations which can help give you an advantage above other people with the same skill set. For example, one of your professors may give you a good recommendation which will help you get an internship working at a company in your domain of study. This insight into your career field will help give you “a well-rounded learning experience. “(Source B) which can create many opportunities for you rather than for someone who may not of graduated from college. When it comes to getting a job every advantage you can get makes a big difference and that is why college is worth the cost. In this ever-changing economy, many people are in danger of becoming unemployed and don’t know what the future of their career holds. Statistics have shown that college graduates are less likely to become unemployed than those who are not. Source D states that “College graduates are also far less likely to be unemployed than non-graduates.” This gives proof the statement that getting a college degree will give you better stability in the

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