Is College Worth It? Clearly, New Data Say Essay

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In the article, “Is College Worth It? Clearly, New Data Say” by The New York Times explains that college is more valuable than ever. The New York Times explains how "college graduates are feeling more overqualified for the job that they do." Due to the fact that they are not getting paid as much, as they would at a job using their degree. It also includes that college graduates who actually graduate with a four-year degree are more likely to get paid more hourly than they did before. One of the major downfalls was that they aren't getting paid the wages that they should be. Therefore, pursuing a college career and attending a university is worth it. It creates the opportunity to expand their education. They will get paid more, rather than …show more content…

It's due to thinking that since our economy is decreasing more money will be spent towards college. In the article by the New York Times it states, “It's more important to emphasize the shortfall because public decisions today for which we in see in the news media deserve more responsibility, an undeniable fact does not guarantee success. But of course, it doesn't. Nothing guarantees success, especially after 15 years of disappointing economic growth and rising inequality.” Therefore, high school students do not want to achieve in getting a bachelor's degree since it's been put out that it's harder to find jobs that apply to their majors. Getting a bachelor's degree might mean that you'll be unemployed or struggle to get a job that you are more likely qualified for. The economic decrease in our country shouldn't affect students attending college. The New York Times states that is isn't either, “ I find the data from the Economic Policy Institute especially telling because the institute is a left-leaning research group that makes a point of arguing that education is not the solution to all of the economy’s problems.” This clarifies that the economy doesn't have anything to do or is a possible solution to solving economic problems that should affect student to attend

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