Is College Worth The Cost? Many Graduates Don T Think So By Selingo Summary

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The article “Is College Worth the Cost? Many Graduates Don’t Think So” by Jeffrey J. Selingo describes that most of the graduate students’ who had already completed their four years at a university and earned their bachelor’s degree are in debt for over a couple of years paying off their education. As stated by Selingo, those students that got a higher education are likely to be unemployed because the unemployment rate for college graduates is still at 9 percent, which makes it difficult for students to start paying of their debts. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the wage of college graduate workers has declined about 10 percent for the first time. Even if the college graduates do start working right after finishing their education most of …show more content…

Selingo mentions in the article that a bachelor’s degree is seen to be the ticket for a good job such as a high school diploma was 40 years ago. The type of facts and opinions used in the article are supported by statistical data from credible sources such as Gallup-Purdue Index and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The opinion stated in this article only focuses on the negative overcomes that a higher education has on college graduates. The tone of the article was informative, but strongly negative towards a bachelor’s degree causing students to overthink of accomplishing a higher education. The article was presented with a huge amount of bias towards higher education. Strengths of the article was presented by statistical data on wages, unemployment rate, and the increase of higher education as well as in debt. Weaknesses were on how the author stated its opinion that a bachelor’s degree is not worth it because at the students are still failing to become

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