Why College Isn T For Everyone By Chris Matthews

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There are many students in high school who have started to think about college; if it’s essential for them. Most parents encourage their children to apply. Nowadays education is very valuable to the point that it will help a student get a job in the future. A job that is well paid and provides a good living for that person. Many controversies have been set high whether college is worth it or that it is not for everyone. The author, Chris Matthews writes an article on, “Why College isn’t For Everyone, “ and it discusses the statistics of how a degree does not make any difference in a job payment than one that does not have a degree. Matthews gives the statement that even with a degree, college graduates are unable to find a job. It brings up the idea that there are jobs that are very …show more content…

Whereas the author, David Leonhardt, explains, “Is College Worth It”. It discusses the fact that as the economy grows, so does the technology developments; it is important for college graduates to pursue careers that will help them in the long run. A college education is essential for the economy and the student itself as it will allow them to pursue a career that will benefit their lives. Having no college degree will affect a person’s career in the future. In the economy today, workers strive to perform their best when it comes to having a raise, so that they can support themselves or their loved ones. People who have no degrees is not always a bad thing compared to those who have degrees; it’s about how people are getting paid, according the Chris Matthews. He says, “There are many jobs that require a degree but don’t pay very well. If someone earns a degree for reasons beyond making more money, it could be that the upfront investment

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