Stigma Of Choosing A Trade School Over College An Article By Mohammed Hamed

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Is a college education worth the significantly large costs? Many students, teachers, and parents believe that a college education is more meaningful in today's society than ever before. College graduates not only have more personal gains, but also have better financial stability than those who did not attend college. College education is the key for many people to reach their dream jobs, these jobs often have higher pay, with more benefits, as well as more freedom of career choice. Firstly, college helps graduates become better thinkers, as well as teaches students skills that employers look for when hiring new employees. Specifically, author Mohammed Hamed’s article “The Stigma of Choosing a Trade School Over College” emphasizes the new growth of people working towards college degrees, “Traditional college enrollment rates in the United States …show more content…

This could push the employer to hire a college graduate over a high school graduate. In addition, “A college degree is still the surest way to increase wage potential. In addition, with the rise of artificial intelligence and the consistent call for multi-talented and flexible critical thinkers,” states author Mark Heckler in his article, “The Importance of a College Education.” A college education is key to finding higher paying jobs, as well as the college experience teaches graduates how to go about finding jobs, as well as go through the interview process. After COVID-19 took the world by storm, many jobs had to adapt and learn how to work from home. This adaptation has led many businesses to go remote, which is why it is so important for graduates to have skills adapted to this new idea of the workforce taught in college. Hence therefore, a college education helps graduates to achieve higher paying jobs with greater

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