Definition Essay: Do Labels Really Means

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Imagine that you’re walking through the aisles of a grocery store, trying to buy groceries. All you want to do is buy healthy, wholesome food for your family, but you're bombarded by companies spewing slogans at you, like “lightly sweetened”, “natural”, “local”, “free-range”, but what do they all really mean? Are the foods behind these labels regulated and monitored, or is a label just slapped onto a package to make the consumer spend a little more money and maybe feel a bit better about the food they they're putting into their bodies? In today’s world, when consumers are surrounded by numerous labels, it is important that they understand what food they are purchasing and feeding to their families. To begin with, bBefore we can explain exactly why these labels can be deceiving, we need to dig deeper and explain what each label really means. Some of the most common labels being used today are All Natural, Organic, and Free Range, just to name a few. As we walk …show more content…

According to a report made last fall by Nielsen, 39 percent of consumers would switch from the brands they currently buy to others that provide clearer, more accurate product information.(Ref #3) If the consumers are asking for clearer, concise information, why are we not delivering? Consumers need to read between the lines to really see what the labels on products are hiding, because it is up to them to find out which foods are healthy, and which are harming them. An example of this is Whole Grains: it is possible that a food might be labeled “Made with Whole Grains”, when actually they might contain 99.99% of refined grains, and only one percent of whole grains. Consumers need to be doing their research so that they understand what they are putting into their bodies, because occasionally they are not getting what they paid

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