Summary Of When A Crop Becomes A King By Wendell Berry

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People should become aware of the realities about the foods that they are eating because while eating fast food instead of having to take the time to cook a meal may seem like a good idea, the body things otherwise. In Wendell Berry's article,”the pleasures of eating,” Berry claims we do not pay attention to the foods we eat, making us eat foods that are quick and processed more often than we should. In his article, Berry lets us know that it is crucial to know what our food is made up of and where it comes from, he explains that instead of consuming processed foods, it may be a better choice to grow food instead.(Berry) Michael Pollan in “When a Crop Becomes a King” addresses the fact that nearly the entire food industry uses corn and corn …show more content…

In “The Pleasure of Eating” Berry suggests people do not take the time to know the facts of what they are eating. People now do not want to take time to cook a meal, but instead want a fast meal to eat quickly in a busy day.(Berry) Not only does this show less appreciation for healthy foods, but it is allowing processed foods to become popular and allowing them to sell more, damaging people's health. And this is exactly what the food industry wants. (E-1)The food industry's main concerns are not the quality of their foods, they do not care about the ways it affects our health, instead they worry about volume and price.(Berry) Although healthier options may be expensive or growing fruits and vegetables may seem like a burden, Berry suggests that it can make eating more enjoyable, an “extensive pleasure” according to Berry. As Americans, freedom and democracy plays a big role in our politics, yet we are ignorant to the fact that giving control of what we are eating and it's sources is not an example of freedom. (Berry) Americans are fooled by the lies advertisements give out about their foods, continuing to make Americans ignorant of the realities of food, and the only way to stop this is by realizing and “ reclaiming one's own part in the food economy” possibly by making food instead of buying fast food, deciding on better choices instead of settling with the unhealthy ones.

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