Childhood Obesity In America Essay

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Obesity has become a major dilemma within America, mostly childhood obesity which has become in my eyes an epidemic. Childhood obesity will bring about adult obesity, health issues, psychological problems, and will even damper on sociological issues when pertaining to relating to culture and other people on a daily basis ( ex: brings about bullying or being bullied, social issues with kids, and low self-esteem and confidence). These include but never restricted to the fact of physical, social, environmental, psychological, and health issues all within a wider scale mostly if the pattern of obesity starts at an early age and then progress to adolescence and adulthood. The factors given in obesity has once again become a worldwide issue and concern for family, friends, and the child. …show more content…

So, when the child/adolescent equal or above the 85% through the 95% range mark on the BMI chart, they are already considered to be overweight and anything beyond the 95% mark is marked obese. Now reported by the Center for Disease Control, studies have shown that since around 2008, it has become a the norm within our society to not just see overweight children, but obese children based upon the BMI chart, which I see a lot of flaw in because we have to realize that muscle weights two-and a -half times more than fat and if you have a physical active or athletic kid/teenager who when weighed, their BMI is marked in the overweight or obese section, yet there physical appearance does not at all resemble an overweight or obese physique what does one do there? But back to the topic, the American problem and concern can be resolved with the works of exercise, diet, and the involvement of parents and a better surrounding when pertaining to one's eating

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