Childhood Obesity In America

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America is growing as a nation, and its citizens are growing in pant size. Obesity is a growing problem in America for children and adults; therefore, steps need to be taken to promote healthy foods to stop future health problems. In hopes of decreasing obesity rates, some political leaders like New York Governor David Paterson, have proposed a tax on caloric sweetened beverages (soda tax). This will reduce the consumption of sweetened beverages, thereby reducing the weight of the individual. The money collected from this tax could be returned to communities to support programs promoting wellness. It could be used to help support the cost of the country’s health care relating to obesity and be used to subsidize staple foods. Ultimately, the …show more content…

In today’s society “one out of three children is considered overweight or obese” (Little 2011). Childhood obesity is linked to several severe health problems. Children who are overweight or obese are at risk of having cardiovascular disease and problems relating to that such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type-two diabetes during childhood. Physical problems aren’t the only problem relating to obesity; “Research confirms obese children are at a higher risk for social and psychological problems” because overweight kids tend to get bullied due to their weight (Little 2011). Children who have weight issues early on are also more likely to have weight issues as adults. The early onset of obesity can lead to disabilities and kidney failure as …show more content…

If healthier products are made more affordable to everyone, then no one can use the excuse that healthy products are too expensive. American consumers will end up choosing whole grains or fruit instead of over-processed packaged food. It will help low-income families be able to purchase the staple foods that will help give them the nourishment they may be lacking. Even if they may not be able to buy a lot of food due to lack of money, at least they will be buying food beneficial to their health. It could also trigger people to try new things and be surprised by finding healthier recipes that are

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