Argumentative Essay On Childhood Obesity

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In a western society that continuous to renounce communalism and embrace individualism, it is easily noticed that the problems faced by few are ignored by the many. This ignorance, intentional or not, is allowing communal problems to accelerate the pace. However, the issue at hand is one that affects you whether or not you are aware of it; if you are an American, or in any western society for that matter. It affects nearly twenty percent of the under eighteen population in the United States and costs taxpayers on average 14 billion dollars per year. As a Parent, it can tack $19,000 onto the total of raising each child. The issue is childhood obesity, and it is only accelerating as a percentage of children in both America and all western nations of the world. Childhood Obesity is an issue relevant to all who consider themselves part of American society and it has profound adverse effects economically, physically for those afflicted with the issue, and mentally for those who live an obese childhood or within the family unit of a household with at least one obese child. The scope of the issue is massive and the impact of the consequences dire in many accounts. There is hope to reverse course and change the way of American-western living, and it starts with understanding the size and …show more content…

He argues that subsidized land grants and communal gardening are solutions that would lift some out of poverty while also assisting in curbing the trajectory of obesity rates among western children. More likely to be accepted by the western minded is Yanovski’s suggestion of diet journals being shared in public classes and worked upon as a group to develop better eating habits as children. Either or would inevitably save taxpayers money down the road and increase the overall quality of life for the average American at the same

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