Advertising's Fifteen Basic Appeals Summary

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Advertising has been around for decades and has been the center point for buyers by different subjects peaking different audience’s interests. Advertisers make attempts to strengthen the implied and unequivocal messages in trying to manipulate consumers’ decisions. Jib Fowles wrote an article called “Advertising’s Fifteen Basic Appeals,” explaining where he got his ideas about the appeals, from studying interviews by Henry A. Murray. Fowles gives details and examples on how each appeal is used and how advertisements can “form people’s deep-lying desires, and picturing states of being that individuals privately yearn for” (552). The minds of human beings can be influenced by many basic needs for example, the need for sex, affiliation, nurture, …show more content…

This statement is borderline accurate because most advertisements from automotive to magazines, use celebrities to enhance their brand to appeal to the fans. Advertising has become extremely important in promoting messages that only minds of the target audience will understand like the younger demographic compared to older demographics. Certain older individuals believe that the commercials nowadays are becoming ridiculous, but once they figure out what the commercials are about. The first thing they are the main ones that want to go purchase or upgrade their automobiles, refrigerators, appliances, cell phones, etc., to fit in with the evolvement of society in this generation. Women in current times goals are to save money every chance they get, to purchase or lease a brand-new car; because it gives them a sense of dependency and achievement. It’s amazing that in this era, any woman can buy and lease cars without always having their family members, spouses, and boyfriends buy one for them. It’s a major accomplishment that generations to come won’t understand, how women in the 40s to 80s couldn’t do because they were only allowed to be homemakers and stay at home

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