The Man Your Man Could Smell Like Analysis

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Have You Been Brain Washed? Have you ever looked at an advertisement and pictured yourself using the product that was being advertised, to than actually being interested in purchasing that product? Well that was their goal, advertisers have mastered the market industry by being aware of the fact that us humans are very concerned with our image. Advertisers know that we have a greater chance of buying a product if we can picture ourselves how we would like to be portrayed of course with the help of their product. In ads, companies want to provide an image that can be relatable to the viewers and what would want to appeal to them. For example In Old Spice’s commercial “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” they create an image that men who use their body wash are manly, rich, and attractive, which I think most men would like to be represented as. Another example is in the Lux body wash commercial they create an image making it seem like every women using their body wash are happy, sexy, and stylish. To achieve these thoughts created by the audience advertisers use many different techniques …show more content…

Old Spice is known for having different commercials from the other body wash companies as their commercials are really intense and fast pace. “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” starts off with a handsome, tall man with a towel wrapped around his waist showing off his athletic body. He starts by greeting the ladies and keeps on going by saying “look at you man, now back to me…” and keeps going back an forth he finally stops to introduce the body wash by saying “if your man uses Old Spice he could at least smell like me” he than moves on to being on a yacht and shows tickets and diamonds to the ladies showing us that he is wealthy. The commercial than takes a turn and the narrator is now on a white horse and says “ Anything is possible if you man smells like old spice and not a lady.” At the end they have their very iconic whistle to put an end to the

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