Sprite Commercial Analysis

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The commercial featuring Drake and the popular soft drink Sprite, was first launched in February of 2010. In the ad, Canadian born rapper Drake is seen standing in a studio attempting to rap with the beat provided to him. It appears the rapper cannot find the “right” words or “feel” the music. The producer asks him what’s going on and Drake responds with uncertainty. A sprite is given to the rapper to drink in the hopes that he will somehow come “alive”. The ad shows the affect the soft drink had on Drake’s sudden ability to perform. The sprite spread like wild fire through the rapper’s body and instantly he came back to life. The soft drink seemed to revive him just as a Doctor revives a patient who’s heart stops beating. Within moments of …show more content…

In the Drake sprite commercial, the author attempts to persuade viewers that sprite can unleash an individuals inner self and uses the Canadian born rapper Drake to show how one can express their creativity through music and film. The sprite commercial, featuring Drake, targets children, teens, and young adults of the twenty-first century. Whenever an author writes a text (including commercials), the author has a specific goal he or she is trying to reach. An author may aim to inform the audience by providing facts and opinions, entertain an audience through the rhetorical strategy humor, or persuade an audience in the hopes that the audience will side with an opinion or particular argument. However, in this particular commercial the author’s main purpose is to persuade his or her audience to purchase the soft drink Sprite. In the Sprite commercial ad, the author uses two of the three basic rhetorical appeals, ethos and pathos. Ethos is a tool used to persuade an audience by using credibility of an author or speaker. Within the commercial, Drake, an infamous Canadian born rapper is used due to his credibility. Because Drake is a world renown rapper, producer, and

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