Examples Of Rhetorical Appeal In Advertising

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Stress Test #64267
For many years now, advertising has managed to have an effect of everything around us. Good or bad, the true purpose is to clearly convey their message to the targeted audience. To achieve this, advertisers will commonly use rhetorical appeals to successfully persuade their desired audience. Secret Deodorant’s “Stress Test” ad utilizes various colors, and ethical and emotional appeals to effectively grab the audience’s attention.
The “Stress Test” uses ethos to effectively develop trust between the advertiser and consumer. In Laura B. Carroll’s “Backpacks vs. Briefcases” she explains the use of ethical appeals and how they are used in advertising. Ethical appeals are not only used to persuade the consumer to buy something …show more content…

It is believed that emotional appeal can be the most common and effective rhetorical appeal used in advertising. Authors, Tapan K. Panda and Kamalesh Mishra, elaborated on this in an article titled “Does Emotional Appeal Work in Advertising? the Rationality Behind Using Emotional Appeal to Create Favorable Brand Attitude”. They both noted that, “ad-evoked feelings have direct influence on attitudes towards the advertised brand and purchase intention”. By this, the authors are saying that with the help of emotional appeals the ad can directly elicit a certain perception that the audience may now have of the ad. Referring to the “Stress Test” ad, the body language being shown is portraying a sense of anxiety within the advertisement. The woman’s face is pressed against the ad as her hair is going in different directions and she has a distressed look on her face. There also appears to be objects such as a mascara tube and astronaut helmet floating in the background, creating a sense of chaos for the reader. The target audience could relate to the ad because everyone has experienced stress before and this product claims to “take on stress sweat”. The purpose of this appeal is to persuasively induce a feeling of anxiety that is implied through the body language and text found on the ad. As a result, the ad effectively displayed pathos to demand the audience’s attention. Not only can …show more content…

Which only brings up the question, why is the background simply colored blue and not in outer space? Color is commonly used to affect ideas, feeling, and moods. Many of these colors are used to grab the reader’s attention. The main color to be focused on in this ad is going to be the color blue. With all the object floating around the ad, the main color seen along with the product itself, is a sky blue. In Gregory Ciotti’s “The Psychology of Color in Branding and Marketing”, he discusses the effects that color has on the world of advertising. Ciotti states, “colors influence how customers view the ‘personality’ of the brand in question”. The article states that color blue is commonly associated with having a sincere, honest, wholesome, and friendly brand personality. This will create a very reliable down to earth experience for the audience. The author also gives the readers an illustration of a color emotion guide. This guide is used to show how each color can evoke a different emotion from the audience. Blue gave off the feeling of dependability, strength, and trust worthiness. These are all things that someone would most likely expect out of their deodorant brand. The essay also brought up statistical studies regarding the favorite colors of men and women. This resulted in blue coming in first place of which 35% of those tested chose blue. The author also

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