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While creating my rhetorical analysis paper I used all of my typical writing processes. I began this assignment by selecting a commercial that I thought would be the most appealing in the superbowl. After selecting my commercial I did some research at the library using EBSCOhost. I then created an outline on what my paper would be about and pieced all of its parts together. In the future I will try to recieve help earlier on because at first I struggled to understand what the purpose of the paper was. Eventually I was able to figure it out on my own with research and through asking peers, but it would've been a lot easier to just ask for an advisors or instructors help. The last peer review assignment completed was significantly more successful…show more content…
Pathos and Use of Satire I think I did a somewhat effective job when explaining the effective use of satire and humor. Within the paper I provided multiple examples and what it means to the audience. Ethos and Use of Celebrity When using the use of a celebrity I think I did a nice job explaining my points, but I don't know if I used enough effective evidence or cited references to make my information scholarly credible. I used a lot of knowledge I was familiar with and stated my opinions of the star David Harbour. Ethos and Use of Big Name Brand Credibility It was hard to show some of Tides credibility, so I did it through ways by showing how long they have been in business and talking all about their completed charity…show more content…
No one would think to do a rhetorical analysis on such a humorous popular super bowl commercial. I discussed the author by giving a breakdown on the company and providing statements of how long they've been around and how they have continuously been one of the most popular laundry detergent brands. When talking about the audience I provided some insight in who the primary audience is and how tide switched up from making generally feminine aimed ads. Finally within the text I broke down the main components of Ethos and Pathos in the paper and how it strengthened the ad. At first it took me awhile to understand what to write the paper on, but while watching the Super Bowl I had the idea to select an advertisement from there. The most challenging aspect of this paper is I still don't really understand what the purpose and use of writing such a paper is. I know how to break it down into specific appeals such as ethos and logos, but I struggled in using this to create an effective argument. Because of this I feel as though I created to many blunt statements proving little to no evidence to support any of my

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