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  • Library Security In Library

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    The security has become an issue that quite importance for library planning in this recent year. Both Perpustakaan Sultan Badlishah and Perpustakaan Universiti Malaya also take their own security measure to overcome it. There are a few numbers of resources to assist on the safeguarding patrons, employees and property. In the 21st century, it focuses on the extension towards Internet safety and security. Many libraries now establishing resource guides with in-depth information related safety and security

  • Information Technology: The Impact Of Libraries, Libraries And Libraries

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    INTRODUCTION ABOUT LIBRARY, MUSEUM AND ARCHIVE People have been gathering things into collections for a long time. The resulting Collections might be informal, but when they are institutionalized and sustained overtime, they are typically referred to as libraries, archives, and museums. There are good reasons why libraries, archives, and museums have evolved on separate paths, but the information age arising around new information and communications technologies brings them together as never before

  • Library Automation In Library Research

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    The article mainly describes the problems in initiating library automation in India. Author also tries to analyze the various factors that directly or indirectly affect the progress of library automation such as management issues, resources available with the libraries, level of skill of staff, availability of suitable softwares, geographic location area etc. Author also suggests recommendations to solve these constraints. Introduction: Library is a storehouse of knowledge and automation refers to

  • Library Reflection

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    The library is the delivery room of birth ideas and philosophy that perpetually exists. It is like a garden bearing fruits of words for students who dedicate their time and knowledge in learning new aspects in life. However, in my school’s library; beyond the aisles of Shakespeare and Jose Rizal, to the left of the unused janitor closet, is an aisle full of lost and found things that is rarely visited by any of the student here, except Epicurus and I. We never saw each other and our identity is

  • Importance Of Library Association

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    Library associations play an important role in the promotion aspect of education, research and training purposes. These aspects such as education, research and training activities and investigation depends on the availability of information. In order to actively foster these activities, library associations would have to work together. There are lot of roles of library association that will help in this promotion of education, research and training. The role of association is developed, effected

  • Characteristics Of Academic Libraries

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    of library and information sciences keep growing in the world, many libraries have been developed in order to fulfill the society demands for variety of information. One of the types of libraries which had very crucial functions is academic libraries. The target user of this library is from learning community which includes students and faculty which demands for intellectual materials and sources to help in their research or in gaining knowledge. The services provided by this kind of library should

  • Library Automation: A Case Study Of Library Management

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    Library Automation: A Case Study of DIHRM Library, New Delhi *Sufian Ahmad Librarian, Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi Abstract In India, some libraries and information centers made efforts to automate their library routines and services in the 1960’s. Nowadays most of the libraries have started or already have completed the process of computerization of their house keeping operations like, Acquisition, Cataloguing, Circulation, Serial Control, OPAC, etc. This article is a case

  • Difference Between Library And Library Education

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    “helping people to derive the most benefit from using a library” Helping user onwards how to access library literacy also on how to access any information. having library literacy could helping user on how to access information efficient and accurate. From this user also could gain any benefit to access authority of information. Then, library education is one of the way to access information regarding library. library education is education and library are two indivisible concepts, fundamentally related

  • The Public Library Movement

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    ‘Library movement is a struggle for library development.” Public Library Movement in India has been project of our National awaking like the Swadesi Movement. It was also the product of our cultural renaissance and the revival of our love for our culture and culture and heritage. The first Public Library was started for this purpose in 1886. The Gandhian movement made the public library movement an indispensable necessity to the people and became the spring board or the successful organization of

  • Essay On Library Automation

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    on modernization, which covers libraries as well. Above all library professionals are getting motivated and showing keenness to get trained to take up computer based work. (Harinarayana, 1991). Library automation implies a high degree of mechanization of various routine and repetitive tasks to be performed by human beings. With the advent of automation, the human intervention is reduced to a great extent. The appearance of computer has greatly increased the library automation. In addition to computer

  • Essay On Digital Library

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    Definition A digital library is the collection of services and the collection of information objects that support users in dealing with information objects and the organization and presentation of those objects available directly or indirectly via electronic/digital means. Further, there must be an appropriate multimedia repository available for the storage of digital content and metadata. Other important elements are client services for the browser, including repository querying and workflow, content

  • Digital Library Characteristics

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    created a digital library, which allows users to access digital information resources from anywhere in the world. Recent developments in information and communication technologies, including web, and research funding has led to the development of research projects on digital libraries, many of which have led to job libraries.A digital library is more than a pile of books. A library adds value to information resources by organizing them and making them available. In addition, the library serves a different

  • Library Collection Development

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    This paper discusses the concept of collection development and policy of central library IIT BHU and central library IIT Indore a comparative study. The study high lights the problems and process of library collection development, frequency revision and reasons for revision of policy both IIT libraries. Collection development is a dynamic and continuous activity. It involves the users, the library staff, and the subject experts on selection team. The process includes several activities such as the

  • Importance Of Library Building

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    The Important of Library Building of the Future In this digital era of 21st century, library building is the most important place for people. Although we have current technology that can help us in finding information, we must not forget our library. Public library buildings are now more flexible than previous libraries in the past era. The library is part of the most evolutionary building we can imagine in the era of modernization. This is because they follow the latest technology that can be

  • Importance Of Library

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    INTRODUCTION Library can be defined as a building in which collection of books, CDs, newspapers, and others are kept for people to read, study, and borrow (Hornby, 2010). There are several type of library in the world, which are national library, public library, academic library and special library. The one that is used in academic institution is academic library. It is widely accessible in every level of academic institution such as school, university, colleges and polytechnic. Academic library is also

  • Digital Library Analysis

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    the digital library, the virtual library, the hybrid library and the library without wall with all the time. According Arms (2000), digital library can defined as a managed collection of information, with associated services, where the information is stored in digital formats and accessible over a network. A crucial part of this definition is that the information managed. Digital library is a library that provides in digital forms. Even though widely used digital library, hybrid library has just appeared

  • Importance Of Library In Library Education

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    DEMANDS: INSTITUTIONAL MODERN LIBRARY AS A CENTRE FOR SCHOOL OF INFORMATION STUDIES 1 RANAJIT KUMAR MANDAL 1 Librarian, Ghatal R. S. Mahavidyalaya Ghatal, Paschim Medinipur, And Research Scholar, Department Of Library And Information Science, Rabindra Bharati University, W.B. Email:; Mob.-09153259648 2 ANUP DAS 2 Professional Trainee, Central Library IIT Kharagpur Email:; Mobile: - 9126135143 ABSTRACT: In the library, the performance of its users

  • Library Automation

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    Abstract: In India, there are many libraries where library automation and use of new information technologies are in planning stage. Librarian and library managers are making effort to automate their libraries. Authors of this paper try to accommodate each and everything, which required for successful library automation. This plan describes the Basic elements of managing the automation planning process in primarily special and R & D libraries. This write-up provides a detailed overview of a planning

  • Advanced Library In The 19th Century

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    'Library'- a word that characterizes the entire universe of a savant. It is the compendium of abundant sources of knowledge about various topics. With the appearance of innovation, these library frameworks have additionally been altered with time. These days libraries give access to us at any point we have to think about as Books as well as Magazines, Periodicals, Original copies, Diaries, Expositions, e-books, CDs/DVDs and more. Presently libraries are not simply restricted to a mass of a building

  • Departmental Management In Academic Libraries

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    Academic libraries are part of colleges or universities, and thus many of the organizational components of them are based on organizational aspects of higher education institutions. Academic libraries tend to be the most formal library organizations among the traditional library types. Traditionally these types of libraries were departmentalized and tended to be structured, even though individual departments have been fairly flat. In the past year there were at least two types or levels of leadership