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Introduction Producers of commercials use the elements of rhetoric so they can convince their audience. Producers use all three elements of rhetorical in their commercials. Logos is used to convince viewers by providing statistics, facts, or figures. Ethos is activated when producers use someone who is considered a respectable authority figure to provide reliability and credibility. Pathos convinces viewers by evoking an emotional response. Most advertisements contain at least one element of rhetoric; however, some commercials may use more than one element to ensure they can feel confident their ad will produce the response they are anticipating. In this essay, I will analyze some commercials and define what elements of rhetoric they are using as well as explain why the producers of those commercials chose that specific one. Producers take advantage of rhetorical elements to convince people to buy their products, whether it is pathos, a tug on the heart strings, or logos and facts, producers thoroughly take advantage of this to sell their products. 1. OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover This commercial promoting an OxiClean stain remover has generated a large amount of sales for this company due to the rhetorical devices used. This commercial not only uses logos to convince their …show more content…

This commercial is incredibly heartwarming and cinematically beautiful, set in a field of flowers with a beautiful mountain range in the back, this commercial is designed to evoke an emotional reaction. Obviously, producers of this commercial used pathos, the rhetorical device that takes advance of people’s emotions to convince them. By featuring dressed up pets running around, it evokes a warm and fuzzy feeling, one that people are most likely to remember the next time they are shopping for

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