Taylor Swift Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Taylor Swift presents a new commercial diet "Coca-Cola" and draws the attention of the audience with memorable music and bright colors. During the announcement, we witnessed Swift in the process of writing lyrics for her hit song "22". A variety of people singing her song. When we think about Taylor Swift, we think of a young, cheerful singer who mostly attracts teenagers or young people. Nevertheless, in this commercial of diet coke, attention is focused on people of all age groups, all races, all genders and all class groups. The announcement features several characters, including the Caucasian Chef, African American business man, Caucasian student and group of teenage mixed races at a public event. The message behind this ad is under Taylor …show more content…

You can see Swift's expression in how calm and confident she is. Usually someone assumes that before going on stage he will be nervous. Nevertheless, here Swift shows how she is ready to put the show, confidently striding and smiling. In fact, the message that a commercial ad is trying to convey is that diet coke can help to keep calm and prepare for any anxious moment in life In general, the commercial announcement uses specific rhetorical strategies to convince the audience to drink dietary Coke. Logos is identified as dietary coke that does not harm your body, in fact it gives you life. Through Taylor Swift and characters demonstrating positive behavior, you can determine the lag on how to drink dietary coke seems to be good for you. Ethos is credited to Taylor Swift, because it symbolizes Coca-Cola as extraordinary. The final statement that “stay extraordinary” closes the announcement. Meanwhile, this phrase is displayed at the same time, when Swift is at its most fortunate moment in her life, which is performing at the concert. Finally, pathos can be defined as the red dress that Swift wears to appeal to our emotions. The color is a red symbolic color, because it is found on every diet coke label. These methods were created to persuade the audience that diet coke will make you feel young and

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