Texas A & M Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Rhetorical Analysis of Texas A & M University’s website. The article written by Caroline Bird “College is a waste of time and money” (1975), in which she addresses that colleges are not made for everyone, and persuade students and parents take a second thought about spending their time and money in tuitions. The author implies that college sells their institution to convince them to prefer them from the other universities. As an example, in this essay I will describe the rhetorical appeals of Texas A & M University’s website sells technique. After visiting the Texas A & M University website, the first opinion is that they describe their university as a very formal and traditional institution and is intendant to make …show more content…

They want students to assume that they will be prepared for the “toughest challenges in the world.” Additionally, they grade themselves as a five-star entity in all their major educational platforms with the highest programs. They promote themselves as experts in education as they have been in the industry of education since 1876, and consider themselves as first in the State of Texas; with a large variety of undergraduate, masters and doctoral degree programs. They validate themselves using statistics and ranking them as a nationwide as first on engineering colleges, second in the best value schools among publics; these arguments attract students to be part of, and especially secure their investment in

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