Comparison Of Auburn And Uab's Institutional Promotion Video

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Alabama has many public and private colleges to choose from. When going through high school some students are set on what college they want to attend. While others go all the way up until their senior year not knowing which college they want to go to. Using college fairs, emails, and in this instance promotional videos, colleges can specifically target students. Both Auburn and UAB used similar techniques in their videos. These techniques include camera angles, soundtracks, drone shots, and others. The “Welcome to Auburn University” and UAB’s Institutional Promotion Video demonstrate that you don’t need words to have an effective sales pitch. Auburn's video is more successful in persuading applicants to choose to attend Auburn because of its …show more content…

How they represent these social events are also similar. Both Auburn and UAB present live action shots of athletic events. Athletics are a big strategy of unifying a school. Auburn’s video shows many examples of this including, multiple clips of the football team diving into the end zone, tackling opposing teams, along with basketball games where they slam-dunk the ball. Similarly, UAB shows the same basketball imagine. But at this time UAB football hadn’t been reinstated so the only football image was a clip of the football team running onto the field. What colleges have found and have strongly implemented on campus is the importance of athletic events. Those surrounding UAB can specifically attest to this. When funding was cut and the football program would no longer be able to compete, an outrage transpired. The community of Birmingham and the state of Alabama as a whole came together in order to raise funding for UAB. While not going to the extreme of cutting their programs, Auburn is going through the hardships as well. In an article John Talty highlight the significant funding Auburn is allocating to athletics but is not receiving in profits (Talty). The cost of athletics is very expensive and creating videos that will hype up those sports and attract students who will be very active in athletic events is very important. Not only are students attending the college for the curriculum, they are also coming for the student

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