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The automotive industry uses advertisements and hundreds of types of persuasive techniques to sell you their vehicles. In the Ford advertisement that I chose, a large red truck is driving down the road during a rain storm. The words “It’s simple. BURN LESS FUEL. Burn less cash.” These are in the upper right hand corner. The words “BURN LESS FUEL” are written in green lettering and are all in capital letters. The truck is in front of other cars on the road, and its window wipers are being used because of the rain storm its in. The Ford logo which says “Built Ford Tough” is in written in the bottom right hand corner. Next to the logo it says “This is the future of trucks” which is printed in green lettering. The use of Logos, Pathos, and Ethos makes advertisements by Ford for their brand of F-150 trucks effectiveness because the three uses target all the viewers senses at the same time and wants makes them think about and want to buy the truck. Ford uses todays issues to sell their trucks to consumers, one being the most prominent: global warming. Ford focuses on their vehicles fuel economy to to help sell their trucks to the consumer. They are …show more content…

Ford uses statistics and facts to try and convince their perspective buyer they need their product. During the ad they show there is different types of engines for all types of people; the 3.5L,3.7L, and the 5.0L engine. This shows that there is a lot of options for people and they are not limited to one truck. Ford offers an ECOboost truck which would be a great option for people who are wanting to not hurt the environment but also want to drive a truck. Another way ford can show their truck is a good option for consumers is its safeness. In the advertisement you see the F-150 driving through the rain, and in front of all the other cars. People think that this truck can handle it in the rain and that it is very safe to drive in any

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