Ford Skyliner Design Model

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Ford Skyliner: The Leader of the Hardtop Convertible If you were around during the 1950s then without a doubt you will remember the introduction of the Ford Skyliner, the first hardtop convertible. The Skyliner set a trend that became prominent in the 1990s and still continues today, appearing as a feature on many prestige cars such as the Mercedes SLK and the Ferrari California T. Even before releasing the Skyliner, Ford were one of America’s favourite and top-selling vehicle brands. While their main competitors relied on the basic, early design engines, Ford was boasting the powerful Y-Bock V8. The public fell in love with the distinctive shape and design of cars produced by Ford and their affordability was certainly another factor contributing to their popularity. The Skyliner is considered to be the moment in history when a cars prototype became reality. The high hopes and expectations of the Ford Skyliner during the design stage were impressively…show more content…
This was a bold decision and another first in the history of convertible cars. The result of the additional glass in the car brought unwelcoming high temperatures on warm days and the sun brightly beating down on the glass resulted in visual difficulties. Tesla Motors, who incorporated Ford’s idea into their design, experienced the same difficulties and later scrapped the use of extra glass. Ford bravely pursued their invention after making some minor adaptions such as overcoming the reflecting sun visual issues by tinting the glass in a darker shade. The introduction of powerful air-conditioning was used in an attempt to reduce overheating inside the car. With these changes in place, Ford released the Fairline Crown Victoria in 1955 and 1956. This was a beautiful and clever design, however the high cost resulted in disappointingly low

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