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Ford Skyliner: The Leader of the Hardtop Convertible
If you were around during the 1950s then without a doubt you will remember the introduction of the Ford Skyliner, the first hardtop convertible. The Skyliner set a trend that became prominent in the 1990s and still continues today, appearing as a feature on many prestige cars such as the Mercedes SLK and the Ferrari California T.
Even before releasing the Skyliner, Ford were one of America’s favourite and top-selling vehicle brands. While their main competitors relied on the basic, early design engines, Ford was boasting the powerful Y-Bock V8. The public fell in love with the distinctive shape and design of cars produced by Ford and their affordability was certainly another factor contributing …show more content…

Despite the public being excited at the advancement in car technology, issues such as practicality and perhaps the American economic decline meant sales began to halt. A large marketing campaign and enhancements being made to the car were just not enough to entice customers to part with their hard earned cash. This was a desperate time for the once successful car company as their profits dropped dramatically. Ford stopped selling the first convertible of its time in 1959.

Despite the end of the Skyliner production, Ford continued to utilize the model’s best features in its cars of the 1960s. The new Lincoln Continental proudly shared much of the Skyliner design, although marketing was approached differently, with less attention being given to the actual technology used to enable the roof to fold away.

The Skyliner brought with its beauty a new style of car – the hardtop convertible - which many manufacturers and customers are still crazy about today. These classic and highly respected cars of the 1950s are very popular amongst car collectors of the new generation. They are considered one of the most advanced and iconic cars of all time. Perhaps some of this popularity stems from the clever use of these cars in the most popular films produced when these cars were made available, making their owners

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