Kickstarter Commercial Advertisements Essay

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The average college student attends about 62 parties a year. Which makes me wonder where we get the energy to involve ourselves in such activities. Apart from the fact that most college students are young and naturally just have a lot of energy, being in college can also wear anyone out because of the work load. In this essay I will describe, analyse, argue, and give my opinions on the Commercial Adverts by kickstarter the energy drink. Kickstarter is one of the thousand energy drinks in the country, although they are fairly new amongst other energy drinks, they have indeed put themselves out there. The company has marked its territory in the business by coming up with a very unique method of advertising. This method really differentiates it from the others. Over the past years, their commercials have come to be known for having no sexual appeals to it, but sticking to the logical appeal which is that drinking Kickstarter gives you a lot of energy. There are three attention grabbing commercials I find interesting. The first ad begins with three guys gaming in their living room, one asks for a kickstart, but then they all have kickstarts. Immediately they begin to dance to a song that slowly comes up in the background. In the space of two seconds as they drank the energy drink, the pictures hanged on the wall, …show more content…

He steps into his living room, grabs a kickstarter, begins to drink, and immediately after that his cloths rip apart and are replaced with cloths with one of the Kickstarter colors. He immediately appears to be wearing a green suit and boom!!!, he strikes a pose and begins to slide forward. Maintaining that pose he bursts through the wall of his house, onto the road, passing a public basketball court where he makes a block, interrupting an ongoing game. At a point he stares at the camera awkwardly. Still sliding he moves through traffic pushing a cab

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