Rhetorical Analysis: Taylor Swift You Belong With Me

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Rhetorical Analysis: Taylor Swift “You Belong with Me” Taylor Swift is an American songwriter who is well known for her music that focuses mostly on love stories. She writes pop music about heartbreak, and making up. In the song “You belong to me” Taylor Swift sings a song about a typical teenage drama that a lot high school females may experience.This song shows a young girl who is portrayed as having a dorky nerdy look. Also, it shows a girl that is opposite of her, who is a pretty brunette known by the highschool kids. The “nerdy” girl is in love with a football player, who she believes will never have a chance with, because he is with another girl. “Taylor swift” has a crush on a boy who is blind to see that she really loved her and not the girl he is with who is portrayed as a “popular” Brunette.This is an important aspect to Taylor Swift because she is known to sing love stories that she hears about or experience herself. Taylor was not a one-hit wonder type. Her album parlayed record- breaking singles including “Teardrops on my guitar” and “our song.”Girls all over the world were falling in love with her music, they could resonate with the love stories (taylorswiftplanet). In the same way, her songs are mostly related to stories. In the song “You belong with me”The catchy hit single from the album fearless topped country and pop charts. Swift was inspired to write the song after she overheard a male friend quarreling over the phone with his girlfriend
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