Whitney Houston I Will Always Love You Analysis

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“I Will Always Love You”, as Sang By Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston “If I should stay, I would only be in your way…” Anyone today could probably finish the rest of this song after hearing these lyrics. “I Will Always Love You” is one of the most iconic songs of the 21 Century. This song is widely covered by professional artists and cover singers up to today. When two identical lyrics are sung by two different singers, these are not identical lyrics anymore. In the case of “I Will Always Love You”, these two versions carry somewhat similar, yet entirely different feelings and emotions. Hope giving and soothing singing of Dolly Parton versus the proclaiming and powerful performance of Whitney Houston only allow these two versions to be …show more content…

They both possess incredible vocal talent, but when it comes to singing technique, Whitney is superior. They begin the song in a similar style, soft, delicate and vulnerable. The difference in talent between both singers becomes evident after the first chorus. Dolly’s song falls flat after the first chorus. She continues singing the song in a soft, mellow, and boring way. Whitney Houston’s iconic acapella opening to the song is what catches her listener’s attention. This is when Whitney begins to build the dynamic of the song after the first chorus, when the song shifts into a stronger and bolder feel. She then begins displaying her uplifting and powerful vocal abilities. Whitney is known in this song for her capability to hold certain notes throughout her performance. Unlike Dolly, who was calm, Whitney is crying out and declaring her love. The listener can hear the compassion and soul in her voice. She is strong and bold, even expressing some amount of desperation to cling on to her love. Whitney poured out her heart in the song and expressed extreme emotions. It is no surprise that Whitney’s rendition evoked more emotions than Dolly, even causing the listeners to shed some tears. Dolly’s song does not tug at your heart like it does when Whitney sings it. Dolly may have written the song, but Whitney’s voice owns

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