I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl Analysis Essay

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The song I choose for this assignment is, "I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl" composed by Nina Simone. The original version by Bessie Smith is considered a hokum, due to its humor and sexual and innuendos. The adapted version by Nina Simone revised the meaning of the song to be more aligned with romantic longing rather than sexual intimacy. As a result, I am better able relate to the message of this song. The reason being, is that I currently desire to be in a serious romantic relationship. Based on Simone's intimate performance, I can relate to her situation through her longing vocals. Allowing myself to express my feelings of unrequited love through her words.
0:00 Introduction: The piano, playing in low-key, sets the tempo in a brief opening.
0:08 Chorus 1, Section 1: Nina begins singing the lyrics. Simultaneously, the piano sets the motive in which …show more content…

The situation leaves me frustrated and sad with my predicament because this has happens so often. The message I keep receiving from this response is that there is nothing inherently wrong with me, other than being queer.
The lyrics, “What’s the matter daddy, come on, save my soul”, stirs up memories of how people usually behavior after I tell people I'm queer. As if somehow, I am a completely different person from which they fell in love with, but to me nothing has changed. I'm still the same person that they've always enjoyed spending their time with. Only their perception of me has changed.
Within the verse, “Maybe I could fix things up so they’ll go”, implies the times I've considered just letting people assume whatever they like about me just so the relationship would progress to where I would like it to be. The reason being, is because I know for a fact that if I had pretended that I was female and heteronormative, I wouldn’t have lost many prospective

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