Sugar In The Blood Analysis

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Sugar in the Blood (by Andrea Stuart)

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“Sugar in the Blood” is a book written by Andrea Stuart, female from diverse racial setting. She was born and raised in the Caribbean Island, in particular, the Barbados. Stuart decision of writing this book comes from inspiration from her earliest ancestors while she was sitting in a library located in Barbados Museum. The library appears to be harshly air-conditioned showing the pathetic condition of her ecological niche. Stuart used census records as the primary source of information and data. Despite the limitations of genealogical study present in the library, she builds various ideas from the sources even if it yields the skeleton and not the body. It means Stuart only had an overview of how issues were and did unveil. For this reason, Stuart had to use secondary sources of information to reveal how hostile life was for her ancestors during the colonial period. In this context, the use of disclosure theory in her writing created some level of uncertainty in the book because it appeared she had no actual evidence of the daily occurrence of her ancestors.
The purpose of Sugar in the blood by Stuart serves to demystify that victims who were dehumanized throughout the Caribbean history were the very people who ensured the colony is thriving socially and economically. Thus, the book thesis is not just a family story but a global history that fixes its gawk in creating the
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