Ruby Rose Blevins: Patsy Montana

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Ruby Rose Blevins, who was professionally known as Patsy Montana, was a well-known country music star and actress during the 1930’s. Blevins was born to Augustus and Amanda Blevins on October 30, 1908 in Beaudry, AR, and was the first female among her eleven other siblings (Cochran). At a young age she had started learning to yodel and play many instruments, those of which included: guitar, organ, and violin (Brennan and Manheim). She has said her influence derived from Jimmie Rodgers, church songs, and “fiddle music” (Brennan and Manheim). By 1920, Blevins and her family were settled in Hempstead County, which had a growing population of 31,602 people during this time (Turner). “This county was named for Edward Hempstead, the first delegate …show more content…

After her marriage, Montana continued to tour, and her biggest hit, “I Want to Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart,” became published in 1935, during the midst of the Great Depression. The influence of this song came while Montana was performing in Illinois, and Paul was off spending time with his mother who was ill, in Tennessee. “In her loneliness, during his absence, one evening in her hotel room she wrote the song that was to become her ‘trademark’” (“Patsy Montana Mini Bio”). “The lyrics of this great hit spoke of independence and love and the kind of freedom the cowboy had come to symbolize” (Bufwack). This song led Montana to be the first woman in country music history to have a million-selling single (Brennan and Manheim). This piece is a wondrous representation of who Patsy Montana was as an artist. This song portrays her unique abilities to yodel, sing, and play guitar. Her recorded performances of this song, characterizes her style and personality during this time. Montana never performed a song without being “dressed in the full western regalia favored by 1930s country stars, complete with gun and holster” (Cochran). This song, above any other, would be the song to recommend in order for the listener to fully grasp the extraordinary talents of Patsy

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