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George Strait Introduction “I want to reach the point where people hear my name and immediately think of real country music (“George Strait Quotes,” 2018).” George Strait made this happen too, with hard work and persistence. Being turned down by multiple record companies was very hard on Strait. He kept working though, and it paid off. George won many awards, was inducted in the Hall of Fame, and kept old country alive when the “urban country” era started, making him one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century. Childhood Influences George Strait had many things that happened in his youth that influenced his future career. George was raised by his father on a 2,000-acre farm with his older brother Buddy. At a young age, his …show more content…

He was ranked behind Elvis Presley and The Beatles in third among all musicians for getting 115 certifications from RIAA. He also earned himself the title of most #1 Billboard country hits getting forty-four songs to #1 (George Strait, 2012). Out of his sixty-one singles, fifty-eight of them made it to the list of the country top ten. George Strait even starred in a movie. In 1992, Pure Country hit theaters. The movie gained Strait even more publicity and fans (Carlin, 2006). Winning himself twenty-two CMAs and twenty AMCs, Strait was an outstanding artist. In 2008, he also got the Artist of the Decade. The George Strait Country Music Festival was a very unusual thing for a country artist, but of course it would be George Strait who broke boundaries. He also made an album called Strait Out of the Box. It was very popular and sold like crazy (George Strait, 2012). Strait Out of the Box sold over five million copies which broke the records in country music history in the year 1999 (Bego, 1997). When Strait made the album Blue Clear Sky, he made a very rare accomplishment. The album made it onto both country and pop charts. It was played on pop radio stations too (Carlin, 2006). This crossover let fans of other genres hear George’s songs. All in all, Strait had a very triumphant career. His life was not a fairy tale though, he had some life changing things happen to him and his

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